Our Success Stories

I think I literally would have died without Amanda and Krista. The support Amanda gave me while in great pain giving me affirmations to repeat gave me the confidence that I was strong and I could do this. I felt so at peace knowing they were there. Even if I was napping or in a bad mood I could feel Amanda’s positive energy just radiating in the room. It was a very long labor and I feel terrible that it was so long. All of Krista’s knowledge helped me know that my baby was going to be okay. Amanda and Krista brought such a light to my labor story. Whenever we decide to have more babies we will be using them again! Also since Krista had worked with the nurses and midwives at PRMC before I feel like it helped make things go smoothly when I needed a nurse to come in for anything. Amanda and Krista encouraged me to let my body do what it wanted even if the staff wasn’t prepared for me to do so. Letting my body do that I think help speed the already long process a bit faster than being told when I could! Love these ladies ~

Kelslie Amber

I was skeptical about hypnosis until I tried it. I have had wonderful results and feel as if I’m a stronger person ~


As a medical provider I’ve been referring patients to Krista for years. She offers compassionate and professional doula care. She is knowledgeable about every aspect of pregnancy and she’s terrific with first time pregnancies. She takes approach to working with families and follows them from preconception to post-delivery. I would highly recommend working with Eastern Shore Doulas! ~

Mark Stoehr

I am so thankful that I not only chose to have a doula for my daughter’s birth, but that I had Krista by my side. My intention was to have a natural birth with as little interventions as possible. Due to high blood pressure, my body forced me to have not one but many interventions. Krista was by my side the whole time (3 days!) and remained my steadfast birthing coach, friend and voice of encouragement. She backed me and my husband up on every decision we made. I do not know what I would have done without her help, her presence was invaluable! ~

Bethany Jubilee